Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 4: Dedicated Song

I'm back! Well...my computer died. I had to get a new one, set up all the programs, and transfer all my files from the dead computer to the new one. That kept me away from mp3 of the week. BUT NOW I'M BACK! On with business (or is it...pleasure?):

This week's mp3 is "Dedicated Song."

Some guy online asked me to write a song for his girlfriend's birthday. I was in a wiseass mood, and kind of annoyed at my NOT having a girlfriend to write a song for (which makes you feel sad), and made this. The lyrics:

You're a guy's girlfriend that I don't even know,
And if you were my girlfriend I'd write you a song,
But you're not
So I won't
So you don't
Get to hear
My dedicated song.

It's a small thing that I did very fast, but I quite like it.

Download it here!

And/or preview it here!

Come back next week, lovelies!