Friday, December 20, 2013

WEEK 99: Fool With Bookbag On (Demo)

Hey kids!

I'm never sure if the title of this should be "Fool With Bookbag On" or "Fool With A Bookbag On"

ANYWAY...This is one of my favorite (unheard) songs of mine, a very sad (funny though, to me) song about a kid waiting to be picked up from elementary school and thinking (correctly?) that no one is ever coming. This was a pretty common fear after school back in the day for me, and I think for others as well. 

I'm considering putting a version of this song similar to this on my first album, but I'm not sure if it will slow things down too much. I really do like it though. I am also not sure whether to repeat the chorus at the end or not. I mean, usually you do in a song, but I really like the song ending suddenly with that last scary line. WHAT TO DO?!?

Here are the lyrics:

No one is here to pick me up today
And no one, no one ever will
Every boy and girl is being taken away
With loving arms and big cars

Stood like a fool with bookbag on
The afternoon is almost gone

Everyone is double, triple parked
A honk let's them know which one
I will be here forever
I will be the last one

Stood like a fool with bookbag on
The afternoon is almost gone

The streets are starting to clear out
The fuss is giving way to calm
Crying, I'm going to give up
I'll get in the next car that stops


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