Sunday, March 20, 2011

WEEK 73: Party In the Gardens (demo)


This is a very solid demo from 2004 of a song called "Party in the Gardens." Solid in the sense that I can't imagine what else needs to be added. This is the song!

This is a Fall song. It isn't Fall right now, but Winter turning into spring has basically the same weather as Fall, so why not? This is also a Kew Gardens song, one of many many songs based around my hometown of Kew Gardens, Queens. See, the word "Gardens" is even in the title.

The recording: I EQ'd the vocals so they would sound like they were distant and thin, which for some reason makes me tolerate my own voice better. The drums are fake but sound surprisingly warm and real. The bass is a fake jazz upright bass. I very much enjoy the little keyboard sound in the last verse, as well as the hand claps in the middle of the song.

Here are the lyrics. The song is kind of about avoiding a house party in Kew Gardens ("take it with you") and wanting to run through the forest instead. It's also about a lot of other things, and some stream of consciousness stuff. Here you go:

Cool October air
Smells like Halloween
Sidewalk steps under feet

Branches gently comb
Through my hair
Walking to a Rainsuits beat

Party in the Gardens
Beg your pardon?
Take it with you, see you tomorrow
I'm walking through a forest,
running through a forest

Donut Dunkin's coffee
Muffins taste so good
Under the sun, under the shade

They taste exactly
The same
But with a different, different taste

Walking down a street
That's stayed the same
Looking at my feet
They've stayed the same

The sky changes every second
In the same way every day
Finding different things
A simple pleasure sings

Download the song here

Or preview it: