Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WEEK 76: Trixaxis and Allies Score (AND SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!)


I have not updated MP3 of the Week in a long while, because I've been extremely busy. I have been busy with music though, so that's OK! And many of the things I've been working on all month will be posted right here!

Starting with this. Last week I was honored and amazed to win Best Musical Score at the 48 Hour Film Festival "Best of NY" show, where me and my friend's short film, "Trixaxis and Allies," was screened.

And here is a piece from the score, the infamous "chase scene" music that invaded our brains for the next week. We could not stop singing this.

I made it using all midi Orchestral sounds. I'm really proud of it, it just about almost sounds like a real orchestra. More importantly, it FEELS like a big Hollywood action movie score.

For the entire score I wanted to be strict with myself - ONLY ORCHESTRAL SOUNDS. I wanted to pretend that I had a string section, and a brass section, and only a few percussion instruments (timpanis, crashes, scary sounding gongs.) No guitars, not even piano or any electronic sounding drums of any kind. Just a string and brass orchestra.

Here it is! I'll post more in future weeks to come!

Preview it:

Hope you liked it! Check back soon for more! Lots of exciting new music coming up.