Friday, January 13, 2012

WEEK 83: Hell It Stays In Hell

Hey everybody! 

Here is another one of the 7 new songs I performed at my latest solo show!

I don't quite have a title for this one, though "Hell It Stays In Hell" may end up being the de facto winner. 

The chorus for this song came to me in a dream. I woke up singing it and recorded it on my tape recorder. I based the rest of the lyrics around it. 

Musically, I felt the song was a bit standard, so I implemented a cool trick where it goes back and forth between major and minor (changing in the middle of each chorus.) So the 2nd verse is all minor chords, then back to major, etc. Fun?

Here are the lyrics.

Grab my sleeve and lead me down
In the boat we'll go
Pick people up along the way
Drop them off and so

All the fools go up the river
All the Hell it stays in Hell

Lovely ladies, angel men
Never done nothing wrong
Not one drop of fun in their whole life
Now they're where they belong


Dump my body out and leave it
Naked, bruised and waiting
I'll be dragged in smiling 
While they shake their heads with pity
But I don't need their pity

Download the song by right-clicking here!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WEEK 82: Big Delay (live)

Hey everybody!

NEW SONGS! A few weeks ago I performed 7 new (as in: never before played live...some of these are very old) songs at a show at Gizzi's Cafe, and I will be putting a bunch of them up in the coming weeks.

This first one is called Big Delay. I actually wrote the bulk of it in around 2006/2007, but only recently finished it.  It's about a very very troubled relationship I was in, that was fraught with fighting and dying to be put out of its misery.  

These lyrics are VERY personal and autobiographical, more so than usual. My favorite line is "hating every word you heard," because it's a funny roundabout way of saying how bad or cold the words coming out of my mouth were throughout the relationship, but from her point of view.

The line "miles of walking nowhere" is actually in reference to a very specific event, not just a simple metaphor for the relationship. In fact every line is referencing a very specific memory. Like I said, extremely personal.

I also love the melody, the chord progression, the feel of the song...everything. I've been dying to play this live for years and I'm glad I finally did. 

Here are the lyrics.

I left you crying with a fake hug
Swept my feelings under the rug
After all the arguments
We can both agree this once

This man and woman failed
They're in each other's way
Miles of walking nowhere
One big delay

All along I tiptoed by you
Hating every word you heard
And on that day in that strange city
Holding hands seemed too absurd

With tired eyes and anger
Kicked you out of my bed
Tried to show how bad I was for you and you for me and we for us and well...

I'll be full without ever eating
Spend my days in waiting rooms
Anything to keep me strong
Anything to last us long

Download the song by right clicking here!

Or:   Preview it here!