Friday, July 27, 2012

WEEK 87: Sexy Low Self Esteem Song (live)


I know this blog hasn't been "weekly" at all, but at least I'm managing to put something up this month!

This is another MP3 from my last solo show at Gizzi's Cafe where I debuted a ton of new songs. This song doesn't have a title yet, so I can only refer to it by it's content -- The Sexy Low Self Esteem Song.

That's what it's about. Me playing a kind of funky ("kind of" because this isn't my typical guitar style and I AIN'T-A SO GOOD AT IT) riff while singing painfully honest lyrics about how much I disgust and hate myself. It's meant to be funny.


I'm not even sure I want to type up the lyrics, actually. Also, the song is sung veeeery low, I may need to either belt it out or change the key. Hmmm.

One cool thing this song does, is after the bridge it is lowered a key. I did this because normally songs that change keys go HIGHER, to give a feeling of triumph and power, but I thought subconsciously going down one step would give a feeling of defeat and sadness.

At the end of the MP3 you can hear an astonishing two people clapping, and I say "thanks, no one!", which may give you a hint of why I haven't played a solo show in a long time.

What a low self esteem post! Perfect for this song. Besides all that, I actually do love this song, I think it's one of my best new ones. I really hope to have a version with a band (or simulation of one) soon, because this would really really work with a full band.

Please enjoy!

Download it by clicking here!

Or merely preview it!

See you soon!