Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WEEK 68: Hooded Man In The Snow


A lot of snow fell the other day. So this mp3 will happen now.

This is just a cool (pun intended) atmospheric piece, almost threatening to be techno, but not quite getting there.

I really love this one mainly for the title fitting the music. I just really see a night time blizzard with a hooded man in the snow in the distance fighting the wind, drudging along. It was so clear to me when I listened, that coming up with the title was effortless.

It's a pretty old piece (2002), so the sound quality isn't great and there's a lot of awkward mixing (I wish those cymbals crashes weren't in it), but I still love this.

Download it by right clicking here.

Or preview it:


Thursday, December 16, 2010

WEEK 67: I Know How To Cry (live)

Hey lovebirds

This week's song is a real rarity. I've only played it live...twice? And like 5 years ago.

In early 2005, I had a subconscious sense that my girlfriend of 2 years was about to break up with me. I didn't even want to realize it, but it was coming out in all of the songs I was writing.

In February 2005 I debuted "I Know How To Cry", with her in the audience. A week later she dumped me. And right on Valentines Day too, isn't that nice? Here is a version from later that year, in December (keep listening to the MP3 to hear a joke at the end about the whole debacle.)

Technically this is a really complicated song, and I'm pretty damn proud of my vocal range and performance in this MP3. So hey!

The song is pretty clear. It's about being able to withstand so much pain because you've done it 100 times before. Unfortunately this song just keeps getting more and more relevant. Here are the lyrics. I think the line that tears me up the most is the last verse. Love is when you're smiling and for a brief second you're not thinking about WHY.

Where once you said you love me
Now you say "that's enough"
Where once we'd go to celebrate
Now we walk by and let out a cough

A million things were said that never meant not a thing

A lot has changed
But that's OK
If another one gets away
I'm fine this time
Cause I know how to cry
I know how to cry

There's a lot of real anxieties
Just hanging out by your side
And they may make you nervous
They may make you wonder why

A girl once through the haze of love would ever want to stay


Cry all night
And then again in the morning
In between yawning

For a long time I would smile
And I wouldn't even know why
For a long time you'd be smiling
and you wouldn't even know why

So long ago, so long ago
So long.

Hope you like it!

Download it by clicking here

Or preview it:


Monday, December 6, 2010

WEEK 66: Send Me On My Way

Hey guys!

This MP3 is a really nice little guitar instrumental I made back in February 2004. I hadn't even heard this one in years but discovered it just now.

It's almost all real instruments, no synth (except the clickety clackety percussion that comes in about halfway through.)

I count about 6 acoustic guitars (the riff, a bass line, the hitting percussion, the little noodling in the left and then in the right ears, and also a repeating pattern in the left ear), plus an accordion. All together a very calming and sweet sounding instrumental. Not something I can always tap into.


Or preview it:


Saturday, November 27, 2010

WEEK 65: Nerd Squint

Sorry for the long Holiday break!

This week's song is Nerd Squint, a little instrumental from 2002.

I really like this one because of how much the title nails what it sounds like. Usually I title these after I make them, and the phrase "Nerd Squint" was the only real choice. It SOUNDS like some fat nerdy kid walking down his school hallway and squinting, because his vision is bad, and feeling some weird sense of pride.

Musically, I just like the arrangement...the bass line, the way the beat comes in right when the melody picks up. The "electric guitar" repeated line throughout the whole thing (OK it's fake terrible sounding casio electric guitar.) Everything helps contribute to the title...Nerd Squint.





Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WEEK 64: Sally: April Fools (Was Yesterday)

Hey guys and gal,

This week's MP3 is a song I wrote called "April Fools (Was Yesterday)", and sung by the lovely Yoko Kikuchi. It is part of an ongoing project called Sally, where a female vocalist sings my sad or happy love songs. I play guitar and sing back ups ("oh no.") This recording is from 2005.

This song, and all the Sally songs, are fairly direct: It's a break up song. Here are the happy lyrics! My favorite line is "Let me down gently, but it's still gonna kill me." Ouch.

You say you love me
But you're breaking up with me (oh no)
You look so happy
But you're breaking up with me (oh no)

I don't know what to say
except that April Fools was yesterday

I made you happy
Now you can't even stand me (oh no)
Let me down gently
But it's still gonna kill me (oh no)

I don't know what to say
except that April Fools was yesterday
Unless I'm wrong and it's today
Let me be wrong, don't go away
Let me be wrong
And please say that we're OK

Holding you tightly
But I'm feeling you squirming (oh no)
Missing you nightly
God my stomach is hurting (oh no)

I don't know what to say.

Download it here


Preview it:


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WEEK 63: Crime Streets: Level 1: Crime In The Streets


I am honestly quite shocked that I haven't put this up yet as an MP3 of the Week.

A few years ago I started a fake soundtrack to an imaginary videogame I made up called "Crime Streets."

The game would be a Double Dragon-type beat-em-up. Nintendo. Or an arcade. Whatever. I've made a small handful of MP3s to cover the first few levels, the start menu, the Big Boss battle, etc. The concept is that as you listen to the music, it makes you REALLY want to play this game. Visualize it in your head. Smile.

Although it may sound quaint and funny, I am so incredibly proud of these pieces of music. They are some of my best arrangements and I've worked as hard on these as anything else I've done. I plan on putting a lot more Crime Streets score on this blog, so keep checking back!

Anyway, enough of the talking. Let's play some CRIME STREETS! Level 1: CRIME IN THE STREETS.

Download it here!



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WEEK 62: Halloween (live)

Long time no see!

I took a break from this blog for-reasons-that-are-known-to-me-and-me-alone, BUT NOW I'M BACK. Let's start things with a BOO.

This week's MP3 is a really nice soundboard recording of my band Trouble's Afoot (currently in need of a drummer) performing my song "Halloween", at the Sidewalk Cafe in August 2009.

If you like, first check out the very rough and very quaint (read: "bad") demo of this song in this previous MP3 of the Week entry.

Once you've listened to that (or don't listen to it, what do I care?), you can see how AWESOMED UP it got once I brought it to my band. Dave's bass is crazy during the "party freak out" section, the drums are completely loose and fun and somehow holding this Frankenstein song together, and my guitar is...well, it's doing it's job. By which I mean ROCKING. HARD. REAL HARD. AND TOUGH.

Mostly because the amp at the Sidewalk Cafe only had one setting -- "ROCKING HARD AND TOUGH", which made the song sound a bit odd, but I like it.

This was always a song I considered a b-side, a little oddity nobody would ever hear. But my drummer LOVED it, and the more we practiced it the more we realized how much more interesting it made our show. All year round, not just in the Fall. I gotta write more like these.

Download it here!

Or preview it!

Hope you enjoyed. See you next week,


Monday, August 9, 2010

WEEK 61: Once In A Smile Theme Song

Hello, live studio audience!

This week's mp3 was made a few months ago. I am extremely proud of it. Here's the story:

Me and my 3 roommates entered the 48 Hour Film Festival. Our movie was about a former child star who was on a sitcom called "Once In A Smile."

We needed the theme song for the end credits. Well, OK, we WANTED the theme song for the end credits. On the morning of the due date, I whipped it together.

The idea is that it's a lame 90s (or 80s?) sitcom theme, with cheesy meaningless lyrics and a heavenly mix and terrible guitar soloing to be "cool", and of course, the bluesy and soulful ending of the song (my favorite part.)

Here are the lyrics:

Every once in a smile
You gotta be with the one you love

You gotta look right at the sun

Fits just like a glove!

Once in a smile

A brand new day

Through the dark

Your face will light the way


Isn't that what life's all about?

We got far in the festival, making it to the "Best Of NY" screening and winning an audience award! Not bad at all. I think the song may have gotten a few laughs at the screening, but it was hard to tell if people knew what was going on.

I am so proud of this. Hope you like it.


Or just listen to it:


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WEEK 60: Slow Me Down

Hiya guyas!

This week's mp3 is a cool instrumental I made in 2004, called "Slow Me Down."

I just really like how the layers add up here, getting more atmospheric and melodic the farther along this goes. I also like the fake accordion in the last 3rd.

What's it about? Well you aren't supposed to ask what instrumentals are about, duh.

Download it here

or preview it:


Sunday, July 18, 2010

WEEK 59: No Show

Hiya fatsos!

This week's MP3 is a full length rocking instrumental from 2005 called "No Show."

I called it that because for the first time ever I had to cancel a show because I got sick. I stayed home that night and made this.

I've always liked this a lot, it's just really fun and and I'm definitely outside of my comfort zone with the guitar soloing. The ending wasn't really figured out, but hey, whateva woiks?

Download it heeere

Or just preview it:


Saturday, July 10, 2010

WEEK 58: Honest Guy (live)

Hey guys,

This week's MP3 is a live recording of a rare piano song, called "Honest Guy." It may be better if I don't ramble on about what it's about. Here are the lyrics:

The thing to know
Is I won't go
I've been mean
I've been obscene

I'd like to say
How I've done wrong
But you won't let
Me on your lawn

I've carried so
so much pain
I let it out
It looks insane

Well I've lived here
All my life
I've always been
an honest guy

I've never been
an honest guy
So of course I
was put on trial

The thing to know
Is I won't go
This is my home
This is my home.

I really like this song. I should make a nice recording of it one day. But until then, this is from a 2005 performance at the Sidewalk Cafe on Avenue A.

Preview it!

Or download it for your home or ipod!



Monday, June 28, 2010

WEEK 57: We Dream

Hey you raviolis,

This week's MP3 is a cool ambient-like instrumental from 2005 called "We Dream."

Now I don't exactly remember MAKING it, but these are things I like about it as a listener:

I like the dissolving drum beat echo that pans the stereo field and gets more and more lo-fi.

Since I can make a lot of music that is hyper, tense, and upbeat, I like that I have the ability to do some dreamy atmospheric "chill" music. As in, music to totally "chill" to.

I like things that are about late at night and sound like they were made late at night.

So here you go, "We Dream":

Download it here

Or preview it:



Sunday, June 20, 2010

WEEK 56: If We Had No Moon (demo)


This week's MP3 is one of my favorite songs. I was surprised I hadn't put this up yet (I had to google myself to make sure I didn't.) A lot to say about it, so let's go:

It's called "If We Had No Moon." It was based on the title of a scientific and doom-laden special I saw on the Discovery Channel, which basically stated that our moon is slowly being pulled away, and when it's gone Earth will spin out of orbit and kill us all.

Talk about dropping a love song right into my lap! What better romantic metaphor could there be for a relationship ending? Or the idea that a relationship needs the romance of the moon to keep it alive? Le sigh. This was originally going to be a "Sally" song (my side band where a female vocalist sings my songs), but I liked singing it too much.

The 2nd verse in the song is actually based on an episode of The Tom Green Show on MTV. He had a guest on his show who was obsessed with the "face on mars," basically a series of landscape formations that look like a scary sad face in the right light. This man (and many others) say that this face is proof of extraterrestrial life on Mars, or elsewhere.

He was on the show to be ridiculed, and I felt really awful for somebody who was so passionate about something that just was not true and so easily disproved. The idea in general was heartbreaking to me, so I popped it onto the moon song and there you have it, the saddest song ever.

The demo: I'm pretty happy with this demo, though it may be a bit "busy." My acoustic guitar is making little space beeps, the metronome is being used as the percussion track, and I'm proud of the subtle harmonies. No bass necessary, which gives it a more weightless outer-space zero gravity feel. Adding a bass line would have weighed things down a little too much.

Originally my main guitar track was very stiff and boring and "nice," but I realized it felt kind of dead. Inspired by the Rheostatics, I re-recorded it to be a lot more free-form and natural. Some random hits on random strings, not bogged down or sounding like a "scratch track" for people to easily play along with. Again, I was really happy with that.

Here are the lyrics:

These chilly nights make me think
I think of you and me, but also other things
I think about the laws of time and space
and what would happen if everything changed
I heard the moon is pulling farther away
And soon it will be gone, though soon is far away

And if we had no moon
the Earth would not just spin 'round
But sideways and upside down
And everything would be thrown around

You've heard about that face on Mars?
Some people think it's put there
By beings very far away
I'd like to think that that's the case
But evidence has shown that it's just not that way
And though the shadows make it look like a sad face
It's just not that way
It's just a mountain range

And if we had no moon
the Earth would not just spin round
But sideways and upside down
And everything would be thrown around

If we had no moon
No times for light or dark
Oceans wouldn't know where to start
Most certainly we'd be torn apart

Download it here!

Or preview it:

See ya!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

WEEK 55: How Do You Fail?

Hello there

Sorry for the delay. Crazy busy week! Next week there will be a very new and very surprising MP3. This week however is one of my favorite little instrumentals, from way back in 2004.

It's called "How Do You Fail?", which is kind of a pun ("how do you feel", in case you didn't get it), and has some cool effects and sounds that I can't remember making and probably can't replicate. For a while I made this one of the first tracks on a CD I gave out that showcased my instrumental skillz. I really like the sound and feel of this.


Or preview it:

Goodbye see you!


Monday, May 31, 2010

WEEK 54: Held Her In My Arms (live)

Hey everyone

This week's MP3 is a cover of the great Violent Femmes' song, "Held Her In My Arms," played live by band Trouble's Afoot on November 2nd, 2009, at Niagara Bar. As usual, Dave Fox on bass and Chris Roberts on drums.

This was our drummer's last show. We prepared this Violent Femmes cover very fast, then PLAYED it very fast, as you can hear. It was fun. Please enjoy it.

Download the MP3 here

or preview it:


Saturday, May 22, 2010

WEEK 53: Everybody's Crying

Sorry for the delay! The internet went down in my house for a lot of last week. ANYWAY...

This week's MP3 is one of my favorite instrumentals I've made from back in 2004. It's called "Everybody's Crying."

It's a rare full length (i.e. over a minute and a half long) instrumental. I borrowed my friend Dave's electric guitar. I'm really happy with the general production of the song. The big drum sound, the atmospheric stuff at the very end, the bass line, everything. The title was inspired by the presidential election results of 2004.

Preview it here!

Or download the guy by clicking here.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

WEEK 52: Miss Glasses (demo)

Oh my god!

52 Weeks!

ONE YEAR! It has officially been one year since I put the first MP3 on this blog!

I guess I better put up something pretty special. Please indulge me.

This is one of my biggest songs -- long, multiple bridges, elaborate piano arrangement. Probably one of the best things ever written. Perfect pop song.

But I rarely speak of it's existence.

This recording was made 10 years ago, in October 2000. The demo, as you'll hear, is terrible quality. My singing is quiet and unsure and awkward. The lyrics are uncomfortable for me to listen to, and I won't even mention all the timing mistakes.

But still...this is and will always be one of my best songs. It was essentially me trying to write a Ben Folds song. And in some ways I succeeded, but in other ways it's as much of a "me" song as any of the others. One day I'd love to make a perfect recorded version (there exists a 2nd unfinished demo which I may put up here on day), with a lyric tweak or two (or twenty.) In fact, I still play this song to myself about once a week, just so I don't forget how it goes.

In the meantime, here it is: Miss Glasses. About a girl I had a huge crush on in high school. The drawing at the top if one that I drew (I think someone else colored it...badly) at the time. I am extremely embarrassed by it.

Download the song here

Or just preview it:


Sunday, May 2, 2010

WEEK 51: Swish (live)

Hey everyone!

I haven't been updating this as WEEKLY as I'm supposed to. But anyway:

This MP3 is from my show last week. My friend Daniel requested I perform my song "Swish." "Swish" is definitely an odd one. It's lyrics were basically a flowing poem that I wrote and then put to music, playing a chord progression and not worrying too much about the melody or catchyness. Usually not my style, but I think the song has a kind of directness and raw quality that the others may not have.

The song was inspired by this crush I had on a girl. I was trying to get over her, and then I thought I saw her walking by my house. It wasn't her, but the feeling I felt when I thought I saw her (i.e. having a heart attack) made me realize I was in no way over my crush. These are easily some of my favorite lyrics I've ever written.

Here they are:

Eyes focus through the fence
down at the train station
Some straight haired girl
Stole your whole style
And I looked like a guy who
Had one too many
Too many things on my mind

And they fell out
Fell down
On the sidewalk
Dripped down
And in the stream of consciousness
A cigarette but couldn't help but...

Like a log headed for a fall
it dripped down to the gutter
Underwater tunnel
And down to Brooklyn
Passed under your shoe
I think I hope for once you knew
I think I hope for once you knew
And while you had to STOP
Your friends made fun of your

Thoughts fly like the breeze
Sometimes inviting, but sometimes chilly stinging
I can remember everything
In seconds flat it all comes back
In between 0 and 1
That's all it takes to break it down
That's all it takes to break down

I hate this bridge I'm on.

Preview the song:

Or download it here


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WEEK 50: Green Grass

Hey all,

I have been totally busy and totally slacked off Mp3 of the Week this past 2 weeks. So here is an MP3 now, with another one sooner this week. AUGH HERE WE GO.

This week's MP3 was made with my friend Matt Koff in 2002. He recorded a guitar part and vocals while I was in the bathroom. Then I came out and added some keyboard shenanigans for the 2nd half. I really like this. And I'm betting he forgot this existed.

Download it here

Or preview it:

- Jordan

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WEEK 49: Grad Rat

Heeey everyone.

This week's mp3 is an instrumental called "Grad Rat." I made it on May 17th, 2004, probably the day I graduated from college. I don't know what the title means exactly but when I googled it, that image above came up.

Not much to say. except I think this is a cool instrumental.




Sunday, March 28, 2010

WEEK 48: Sarah Epler


This week's MP3 was made...yesterday! A girl I've never met named Sarah Epler said she'd pay me a couple bucks to write a song about her.

Why the damn hell not?

So I did. I thought of the melody while I was driving 2 days ago and recorded the idea into my phone. I recorded the song the next day.

I really used it as an excuse to make my first ever recording with my new amp and my new drum program, making this MP3 very different sounding (in my opinion) than all my others. From now on the fake drums in my music will still be fake, but more real sounding.

EXCEPT!!! For the cymbal that I found in the GARBAGE, featured on this very mp3. In fact, I find it difficult to determine which is the real cymbal and which is the fake cymbal. Try and guess! GARBAGE CYMBAL!

Since I barely know her, I didn't try to pretend that I did, so the lyrics are (sort of) about how easily google-able she is, which hopefully this blog entry will help reinforce.


Sarah Epler
I've never met her
But you bet I'll never ever forget her

She's the internet
She's an online chat
She's a jpeg and a profile and an iphone app

Sarah Epler wrote me a letter
Sent her back a letter in reply to her letter

Sarah Epler
I can't help her
But I'm gonna do what I can

Sarah Epler
Gave me a dollar
That I plan on spending on Sarah Epler


Preview it AUGH!! :


Sunday, March 21, 2010

WEEK 47: Horny Manatee (demo)


This week's MP3 is "Horny Manatee", a song I wrote and recorded in one day.

Back in 2006, Late Night With Conan O'Brien was doing a running gag in their show about a website called HornyManatee.com, and asking for people to submit artwork.

I wrote a song, thinking maybe they'll play it on the show or even invite me ON the show. I was literally a day too late. That night, Conan enthusiastically debuted a band who "actually wrote a song called 'Horny Manatee'!" They sang their song, and I felt awful and annoyed. God fucking damn it! I mean, seriously!

I still sent mine in, with no reply. But I like it a lot. I think the recording is really nice, and the melody and chord progression are interesting. Maybe I'll change the lyrics so it can become a real song and it isn't so retarded.


This manatee is good enough for me
Every girl I know's been wrong for me
I'm not a gay, and things are looking gray
Get me a big ol' manatee

A big ol' manatee
comes to me in my sleep

I've had enough of all this landlocked love
I'm heading out to the sea
No girl will find me
No one will mind me
Being away with my horny manatee

My horny manatee
Comes to me in my sleep
My horny manatee
Not half as horny as ---

(manatee roars)


Or preview the genius:

- Jordan

Sunday, March 14, 2010

WEEK 46: Skating

Hey guys and dolls,

This week's MP3 is a very old instrumental I made on May 15th, 2002, called "Skating."

One of literally hundreds of instrumentals I was making nonstop at the time, this was one of the many where I thought the title really nailed what the music sounded like (I would usually make the music first, then title it.) I believe my friend James Jajac came up with the title after stopping by and hearing it. James also crushed a soda can at the very end.

If you can believe it, that horrible static sound about 30 seconds in is actually an electric guitar I borrowed. I had no good way of recording an electric guitar. So it sounds like crap. The accordion sounds nice though.

Download it HEREEEE

Or preview it!



Saturday, March 6, 2010

WEEK 45: Magnetic Fields RISK! Theme

Hello there!

This week's mp3 is actually something I made THIS week. I've been submitting theme songs for Kevin Allison's (The State) podcast RISK!, as well as serving as part of the house band for the live shows. Here is one of many theme songs I've made.

It's very affectionately in the style of Stephen Merritt, or his band Magnetic Fields. I'm really damn proud of this. As my friend Daniel said, "you've got the moon, love, dancing, lullabies, and death, all in under a minute."

Download it here!



Find out more about RISK here: http://www.risk-show.com


Friday, February 26, 2010

WEEK 44: Marry Me (Live)

Hey! Sorry for the no update last week!

This week's song is from a live show I had a month ago! I explain the origin of the song to the audience in the MP3, so need to ramble over here! All you need to know is I handed out a list of songs, so that the audience can make request. That's what you hear at the very beginning of the MP3.

It's a happy loving marriage song. It also contains one of my only guitar solos. Enjoy!

Here are the lyrics, why not?

Here we are laughing at the same joke
Half an hour and it's time for the next show
For everyone who says that boring lives have no surprises, well
I've got one

Will you marry me so we can go to sleep?
Will you marry me so we can watch TV?
I've spent too much time by myself
doing things that never add to much
I'm one, you're two, and we'll be pooped together

For a time I didn't go out much
I met you and we don't go out much (but it's nice)
For every dollar bill I save by staying home for dinner
We get thinner


Counting down bringing in the new year
All around it's been a pretty good year
A simple resolution is easier to keep
And I'd like to keep you - keep you here

Download it by clicking hyaaaah!

- Jordan

Friday, February 12, 2010

WEEK 43: Ardsley High School Senior Revue

Hello folks!

This week's MP3 is extremely special and random and rare.

Back in 1999 my friend Matt Koff gave me lyrics for a song he wanted to perform at the senior revue for his high school in Ardsley, Westchester. I put them to music, and the plan was for me to go to the piano and play while he sings. We were really happy with our work, but the people in charge didn't want us to take too much time away from the show (which is crazy now that I think about it..we wrote an original song for ARDSLEY HIGH SCHOOLl!), so the plan got aborted and we replaced it with something a lot weirder.*

This is the 2nd demo I sent Matt -- the first one was too fast -- and even though this was 1999, and possibly the first full song I ever wrote, I'm pretty impressed with how elaborate it is. And it's also fun.

Download it here!

Or preview it:


* Matt grabbed the mic, said "and now everybody, CHRISTOPHER WALKEN!" I came on stage in a suit, did a bad Christopher Walken impression and said "The fire exits....are over THERE....And over THERE....Please...remember that...or else you're gonna get caught in a FIRE...!" to much confused laughter and silence.

Friday, January 29, 2010

WEEK 42: Posters (Tear Them Down) (live)

Hey punkers,

This week's mp3 is from December 10th, 2002. It is a very rare (and the only) live performance of a song called "Posters (Tear Them Down)."

This song, along with several others, was written as a kind of fake "punk" song, when me and my friend Daniel were set to perform at a punk show and needed some tunes. Daniel described the songs we wrote as "songs for teenagers." Other songs written that week include TV Girl, I Want My CDs back, and Movie Set Girl. These will most likely pop up on this blog soon enough!

So this song was about wanting to tear down the posters in your wall as an obvious metaphor for hating yourself and wanting to change your identity. I actually really like this song. It's in another confusing subdivision of songs that aren't exactly sincere attempts at writing a song but still come out to my liking, magically turning into a real song in the process. Here are the lyrics:

I'm sick of being used to
all the posters in my room
but i'm just too lazy to take them down

All the posters on four walls
with their colors loud and all
sing me a sad song in stereo sound

I'll tear them down
Let the scotchtape rip off the wallpaper
Then put up some more
To cover up the scars

There goes the one with the cartoon face
Smiling at me, taking up space
Now I'm Glad it's in the trash bag, buried alive

There goes the picture from the magazine
Years ago it wad added to the scene
Now I can finally see what's on the other side


These posters from the past have been up for way too long
I'd rather not stare at the squares that desecrate my wall
I'd rather stare at nothing at all.

All these posters in my room
seems like they've been up for a century or two
Now I know exactly what I have to do


Download the song by clicking here!

Or preview it:

- Jordan

P.S. Picture stolen from some random guy's website. Nice room.
P.P.S. Yeah that's supposed to be a pun on Glad brand trash bags.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WEEK 41: Never, Ever

Hello mudda, hello fadda,

This week's mp3 is a fancy sounding demo for a song called "Never, Ever." I worked hard on this demo, especially the drums, which were sampled actual drums that I PIECE BY PIECE placed into the song BY HAND. It was insane and stupid but I was experimenting. Every little drum hit or hi hat hit or bass drum hit...all placed by hand as I desperately tried to keep the timing in line.

Upon listening to this now, I'm pretty happy with how this sounds. The guitar is really nice, the arrangement is interesting, with the acoustic guitar also doing a bass line...the harmonies are nice. Nice job, me.

Anyway, I'm not sure I want to say specifically what the song is about, but it's one of those epiphany type character studies I do enjoy ever so much. Also, I was trying to write a Morrissey type line for the end of the song. Here are the lyrics:

Things move so slow
They never go
In the window
She waves hello

Never, ever

The grass is cold
Between my toes
My big new home
My silk bathrobe

Never, ever, never, ever, never

Dirt in a hole
A boy grown old
The more I know
The worse it goes

Download it here!

Or preview it!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

WEEK 40: Is It Free?

Hey poop machines!

This week's mp3 is from one of my many "side projects", Proceed To Small Talk.

Proceed To Small Talk is an experimental recording project with my friend (and bass player) Dave Fox. We both do everything on the songs -- write, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, vocals, etc. You can learn more about us on our myspace: Http://www.myspace.com/proceedtosmalltalk

This track is a favorite among our friends, titled "Is It Free?"

The legend goes, we ordered a pizza, and were waiting for a very long time for it to arrive. While we waited, we created this song.

As I can recall, it's Dave on lead vocals and acoustic guitar. I'm on synths, and banjo. Possibly backwards guitar too.

Download it here!

Or just preview it...it's free!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

WEEK 39: 1979 (live)


This week's mp3 is a live cover of "1979" by Smashing Pumpkins. Me and my band (Dave Fox on bass, Daniel Matz on drums) performed this at Pete's Candy Store in April, 2006.

We wanted to play a cover that people knew (for once), that was kind of a funny and odd choice, but that we were sincere about. Despite not even being Pumpkins fans, Daniel and I admitted that "1979" did mean a lot to us back in the day, and it still affects us (Dave not so much.)

I was really happy with how this came out, and the audience seemed to dig it. I definitely wanted people to be kind of confused about why we were even covering this song that everybody has heard 1000 times, but won over at the same time.

Download it here!

Or preview it: