Monday, August 9, 2010

WEEK 61: Once In A Smile Theme Song

Hello, live studio audience!

This week's mp3 was made a few months ago. I am extremely proud of it. Here's the story:

Me and my 3 roommates entered the 48 Hour Film Festival. Our movie was about a former child star who was on a sitcom called "Once In A Smile."

We needed the theme song for the end credits. Well, OK, we WANTED the theme song for the end credits. On the morning of the due date, I whipped it together.

The idea is that it's a lame 90s (or 80s?) sitcom theme, with cheesy meaningless lyrics and a heavenly mix and terrible guitar soloing to be "cool", and of course, the bluesy and soulful ending of the song (my favorite part.)

Here are the lyrics:

Every once in a smile
You gotta be with the one you love

You gotta look right at the sun

Fits just like a glove!

Once in a smile

A brand new day

Through the dark

Your face will light the way


Isn't that what life's all about?

We got far in the festival, making it to the "Best Of NY" screening and winning an audience award! Not bad at all. I think the song may have gotten a few laughs at the screening, but it was hard to tell if people knew what was going on.

I am so proud of this. Hope you like it.


Or just listen to it: