Friday, December 23, 2011

WEEK 81: I Care About You (Demo)

 Hey everyone! 

I know it's been more like "MP3 of the Month" but bear with me, exciting stuff is going to be debuted here really soon!

In a somewhat related note, this week's MP3 is the ORIGINAL late night (ultra steamy) demo for I Care About You.

In recent years this song has become a fast rocking exuberant explosive song, but this demo is a completely different approach. Creepy, quiet, a little disturbing, and intimate. Sung in a lower register, played a lot slower (well I just wrote it), and filled with lots of empty spaces and (intentionally) awkward pauses.

I actually REALLY love this version of the song, it's closer to the true nature of the lyrics. But the rocking version is just so much fun, I just can't NOT play it in that way at this point.

Here are the lyrics!:

I can't say anything too complex, I get stares
I want to not seem so obsessed, but I care

I care about you

I'm dismayed, I've misplaced what you gave me that day
Is it gone? What have I done? Has it run away?

I care about you

If I face the wall
If I cover my ears

I can't hold you hard enough, cause you squeek
I can't carry you far enough, cause I'm weak

I care about you

Preview the song here!

Or download it by right-clicking/saving here!