Monday, January 31, 2011

WEEK 71: Grandaddy Eyepatch (Live 2002)

It's freak show month at MP3 Of The Week!

Here is another bizarre oddball relic from my musical past. A song called "Grandaddy Eyepatch," written by myself and Dave Fox.

One week in 2002 we went to visit our friend Matt in New Paltz, and he let us open for his band. I brought my giant keyboard, Dave brought his electric guitar, and we rehearsed 3 or 4 weird songs that we had never planned on playing live. This is what happened. Dave plays a pretty rocking guitar solo.

This MP3 is ripped from an old video camera recording, so it is TERRIBLE audio quality. Here is a transcription of what you are about to hear. This makes me laugh.

Dave: This is another one...about um...(mic goes dead)...Did I just turn this off?


Dave: CHECK. Yeah I did. (mic goes dead again.) Oh god.


Dave: SHUT UP.

Matt: Alright.


Audience: OHHH WOOO

Song Starts

Dave: I ain't no basket of sunshine
I ain't no bucket of rain
I got a refrigerator full of body parts
And that includes...your brain!
Let's go!

I ain't no basket of sunshine
I ain't no bucket of rain
Refrigerator. With body parts.
That includes your brain.

Alright that's enough of that. That's just a dumb song we wrote.

Download this masterpiece here.

Or maybe you'd just like to preview?


Monday, January 24, 2011

WEEK 70: This is how a song is made


When I started MP3 of the Week, I wanted to show off the best things I've done, but also the worst. The final product of a song, whether it's a beautiful masterpiece recording, or a spirited live performance. But I also wanted to show the process, the clumsy demos, the cassette recordings, and the ideas thrown away and given a kind of afterlife on this blog.

So here we go. I have a massive folder titled "Song Ideas", that currently house over 300 MP3s that nobody has ever heard. Here is one of those MP3s. Some of them are dead ends, and some of them have led to a lot of my best songs. Some of them are even MP3s of full complete songs that I just totally forgot about.

This is highly embarrassing for me, but that's kind of why I made this blog in the first place. And no, this never turned into a song. But now that I'm exploring this folder I'm finding a ton of interesting and vastly different embryos for songs that became full grown.

Anyway, sigh, here's this. Enjoy.

Download here!

Or preview it (you should probably JUST preview it...)

See you next week, with a real song!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

WEEK 69: Sally: Have You Met Someone (live)


This week's MP3 is ultra awesome super cool. I had a show last week at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn, and my vocally gifted friend Meghan O'Neill joined me on stage for a mini-Sally set! (Sally is my band with all love songs and female lead vocals.)

My often-bass-player Dave Fox played drums along (after only hearing the song about 2 hours earlier before the show), and I played electric guitar, trying to do the best Johnny Marr impression I can possibly fake. I love how it all came out.

The quality of this recording isn't so great, mainly because there were a lot of people talking at the bar, and we were struggling to be louder than them. Still, I loved playing these songs live, and there will be more MP3s from this show and future Sally recordings soon!

Here are the lyrics. The song is pretty self explanatory:

I don’t regret the time we spent

In fact I think it’s splendid

The more I guess at your progress

The more it seems we’ve ended

I haven’t been with many people

Not after what happened with us

I don’t know why I feel like I must be faithful

But…have you met someone?

A guy at work is a big flirt

He asked me out for supper

My red cheeks glowed but I said no

It just doesn’t seem proper


Is she pretty?

Is she happy?

How does she kiss

Does she exist?

My kitchens cold and all alone

I miss you at the table

I eat and go to sleep I don’t

Know if this mood is fatal


Download the song by right clicking here and saving!

Or preview the song!