Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WEEK 77: The Usual Way (live with drummer)

Hey everyone!

This week's MP3 is a live version of one of my favorite songs, The Usual Way.

Instead of going into the whole background of the song, I'll mainly talk about this live mp3. Took place on May 13th of this year, at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn.

That's Will Kastner on drums, from my band Sally. This is officially a Trouble's Afoot performance. Will was a superhuman drum man for this show, learning around 15 Trouble's Afoot songs in like 2 days. This was a new song for Trouble's Afoot, but will probably stick around. Also of note is that we had no bass player for this show.

Also of note is that yes, people are talking about french fries at the start of the MP3. That's the nature of a live recording, folks.

Briefly, the song is about feeling like a disappointment in a relationship, and thus in your relationship with yourself. Enjoy!


So what if I write a message down?
Not like I can say it outloud

I express myself in the usual way

So what if I wait a day or two?
Not like I'm in charge of when I get to see you

I express myself in the usual way

I'm running out.
I'm running out.

So what if I'm feeling sorry?
Not like you can get it out of me.

I express myself in the usual way.
I distress myself in the usual way.


Sample it!