Monday, February 21, 2011

WEEK 72: Brown Paper Sign (demo)


Where did I go all month? Sorry, music things got very very busy, which is a good thing.

This is one of my favorite demos, and it's a song that I have never (? I think) played live. I have no idea if anything will ever become of this song. I can never remember all the lyrics so performing it live stresses me out.

I really like it's way fun. It just needs a real chorus. The demo production is pretty simple...acoustic guitar, fake electric guitars, a bouncy fake bass line (that basically makes the whole song) and obviously fake guitars. The drum beat messes up and loses time once in a while but hopefully that isn't too noticeable. The entire song was based on a little instrumental I made once, which may be interesting to put up some time to compare it to!

The song is based in part on the X-Files episode "Home."

Can't you read the brown paper sign?
No one is allowed inside
All these years and still they hide
Giving up but doing fine

You make money you do alright
But you must be very bored tonight
Walk away back to your life
Don't ignore the paper sign

Whenever will they go
People wanna know

Neighbors come and neighbors go
But these folk haven't left their home
If you go near they disappear
Ring the bell they run like Hell

From the window they peak at you
A cracked broken and dusty view
Wandering around their yard
Wondering what left them scarred

In your car you'll drive away
Maybe visit some other day
The radio blaring loud
As they watch you pulling out

Everyone dropping by all the time
No wonder they'd rather stay inside
That must be the reason why
They put up the brown paper sign.

Download the song here!

Or preview it: