Friday, June 26, 2009

WEEK 17: Prufrock's Theme

This mp3 is special to me. Special in the sense that there is a lengthy and complicated explanation behind it's existence! So buckle up, assholes!

My 2nd year student video project was a loose (emphasis on LOOSE) adaptation of the poem "The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T.S. Eliot. It starred Sam Brown (of Whitest Kids U Know fame) in a quasi-serious role, the sensitive J. Alfred Prufrock, but mainly he was playing me. The movie was basically him and a friend going to a party, feeling ignored, lusting after a girl, having a bad time and leaving frustrated. Essentially what every party I ever went to was like for me. And a sort of dumb literal interpretation of the sequence of events that occur in the poem. I think. I haven't read it in a while.

The only music in the video was this, the opening theme as Sam/Prufrock put his tie on, shaved his unibrow and washed his face, preparing for the party.

Now where the music comes from is another story. In 1999, the high school days, I wrote a 27 MINUTE LONG SONG. A song about a girl I had a huge crush on, who had basically crushed my soul after going on a date (my first date ever) and then rejecting me.

Yes. 27 minutes. I didn't have it exactly down, it wasn't some epic masterpiece or anything, but I had pages and pages of lyrics and one night pressed "record" as I played a piano riff and sang the lyrics on top. To my shock and horror the resulting recording was 27 minutes long. I had no idea. I thought it was going to be 5 minutes at the most.

I threw out 26 minutes and kept 30 seconds for the Prufrock theme! The topic of the original high school song made it all the more emotional for me, as this music played under Prufrock/Sam/Me getting ready to have a bad time at a party. Everything came together.

I still may turn this into a real song one day. And I may put the movie online one day too. Enjoy the accordion and the odd percussion. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Download it heeeeere.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

WEEK 16: Miss June (demo)

Summer songs (sort of) continues with the demo for my song Miss June!

I won't say what exactly it's about, but it's from the point of view of a 14 year old boy. Kind of based on someone I knew in Junior High.

This is an old demo, from 2004. I like how full the guitar sounds. Often on my demos the guitar sounds a bit thin. I also really like the accordion line that comes in on the last verse. Lyrics?

Hung up and stationed
I am awakened
I see your face and...

Oh, what would I do
Without Miss June

All of my friends and
Me think you're hot and
I've been rejected
Now I'm in Heaven

Oh, what would I do
Without Miss June

Oh what could I do
With Miss June.

You are so pretty
Now you surround me
You must have said "cheese"
I can see your teeth.


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Friday, June 12, 2009

WEEK 15: Summertime Her


Another Summer song, this is an old demo from 2003 called Summertime Her. A few times in a row I've met someone during the summer. The first time that happened, it ended just as Summer ended. So the 2nd time it happened, I wrote this song begging the universe to let me keep this one past summer. Excited and scared.

The demo was made very late at night and very quick (there are mistakes in it!), but I like the empty trembling intimate feel of it. When I sang this song live I kind of rushed it and played it too fast. Never was happy about that. LYRICS BOYEE :

Some hard times
You did fine
Or did you?

the message sent
She came and went
You won't forget.

Someone is
Very cute
Someone is
Very sweet

She can make you so happy
She can make you so happy.

Second time.
Please be kind.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

WEEK 14: A Summer Song (demo)

It's "SUMMER" here at Mp3 of the Week! So this week and the next (AND THE NEXT??) will be all Summer related!

From Wikipedia:
Sumarr, a personification of summer in Norse mythology.

Interesting, huh gang?

So anyway, this is an old demo for a song called "A Summer Song." It was written for my side project Sally, where a female sings the songs, currently female-less at the moment (story of my life!) It's basically about a summer fling that ended, and now everything is bleak and empty! Yay!

Here are lyrics:

Where did every day go?
I don't really wanna know.
Summer's over and I'm not over you.

I threw out my calendar
Cause every single time I check it
It's the day after the last, and I can't handle that.

Where did every night go?
Where did all of our fights go?
Now it's all too quiet, and a cool breeze has transpired.

No more June
Goodbye July
A black and white August
That was us.

Download the song here.

Or preview it here:

Hope you liked!