Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WEEK 60: Slow Me Down

Hiya guyas!

This week's mp3 is a cool instrumental I made in 2004, called "Slow Me Down."

I just really like how the layers add up here, getting more atmospheric and melodic the farther along this goes. I also like the fake accordion in the last 3rd.

What's it about? Well you aren't supposed to ask what instrumentals are about, duh.

Download it here

or preview it:


Sunday, July 18, 2010

WEEK 59: No Show

Hiya fatsos!

This week's MP3 is a full length rocking instrumental from 2005 called "No Show."

I called it that because for the first time ever I had to cancel a show because I got sick. I stayed home that night and made this.

I've always liked this a lot, it's just really fun and and I'm definitely outside of my comfort zone with the guitar soloing. The ending wasn't really figured out, but hey, whateva woiks?

Download it heeere

Or just preview it:


Saturday, July 10, 2010

WEEK 58: Honest Guy (live)

Hey guys,

This week's MP3 is a live recording of a rare piano song, called "Honest Guy." It may be better if I don't ramble on about what it's about. Here are the lyrics:

The thing to know
Is I won't go
I've been mean
I've been obscene

I'd like to say
How I've done wrong
But you won't let
Me on your lawn

I've carried so
so much pain
I let it out
It looks insane

Well I've lived here
All my life
I've always been
an honest guy

I've never been
an honest guy
So of course I
was put on trial

The thing to know
Is I won't go
This is my home
This is my home.

I really like this song. I should make a nice recording of it one day. But until then, this is from a 2005 performance at the Sidewalk Cafe on Avenue A.

Preview it!

Or download it for your home or ipod!