Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WEEK 75: Nice To Me

Hey guys!

This week's mp3 is an extremely sentimental instrumental that I made in 2002, called "Nice To Me."

It's basically about that feeling of "I can't believe how nice this person/these people are to me, I don't deserve it, I am so touched, I can't take it!"

That is literally the best way to describe what this instrumental is trying to evoke. I added applause at the end to push that feeling way over the top.

I really love this instrumental, and it gets me kind of choked up. The recording, being from 2002, is very old and not the tightest piece of work ever, but I love the arrangement. I could have kept piling melodies onto that chord progression forever.

Download it here!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

WEEK 74: April Fools (Was Yesterday) Live!

Well how can I NOT put this song up today?

This is a performance of my song "April Fools (Was Yesterday)" with my band Sally.

Featuring Meghan O'Neil on vocals, Will Kastner on drums, and me on guitar and harmony.

This was from our 2nd show, at Goodbye Blue Mondays on March 13th. The recording came out so nice, except for some digital audio blips.

For more info on this song, check out the older Mp3 of the Week entry here!

Download the song by saving it here!

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