Thursday, December 24, 2009

WEEK 38: The Holiday Song

Happy Holidays you little devils you!

This week was a no-brainer -- one of the first songs I ever wrote, EVER, was a holiday song. I must have been around 17 when I wrote this thing!!

The demo is a little embarrassing, but this live version is way better. It's a relaxed and casual performance from December 15th, 2005, recorded at Niagara Bar in Manhattan.

Here are the lyrics:

Merry Christmas, Hanukah
Hope you had a fun year
Happy new years everyone
Look back and laugh and cry your tears

For the next few years will be much more fun
Hugs and chocolates for everyone
Songs and sorbets get in line

Happy holidays my friends
Hope you like your presents
If you don't, I'll try again
Next year things will be different

For the next few years will be more organized
Time to relax and think about our lives
Chances to take and cakes to bake
And a holiday song with no mistakes

Merry xmas, hanukah
Hope you liked my little song thing
More to come if you wanna
Hear me proudly badly sing

The first handful of songs I wrote always contained some lyric about the fact that I am singing a song. It was just so bizarre and strange to me that I wrote songs, I had to point it out!

Download it here.

Or preview it here:


Sunday, December 13, 2009

WEEK 37: My Eyes In My Hands

Hey Mp3 of the Week-o's!

This week's entry is a weird demo of a weird song I wrote years ago called "My Eyes In My Hands." It was based on an instrumental I made, which I may put up in the coming weeks!

This demo is unfinished, I rewrote the song a bit after recording. I always forget that this song exists. But I think it could be pretty cool with a full band. IT JUST. MIGHT. WORK.

Here are the lyrics.

My eyes in my hands
Not part of my plan

My hands in your hands

My eyes in your hands

My eyes in your hands, ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhhh

My eyes my. My eyes my.

You think you know me?
Well you don't know me!

Just cause you have got

My eyes in your hands!
My eyes in your hands, ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhhh

My eyes my. My eyes my.

Give me another try.

My eyes in my hands

So glad to have them

My eyes in my hands

A birthday present

Happy birthday for me!

My eyes my. My eyes my.

The recording was done very late at night, so it's another quiet subdued demo. In actuality this song would have to be played very intense and loud.

Download it HERE!!

Or preview it here:

- Jordan

Saturday, December 5, 2009

WEEK 36: Diagonal Crossing (live)

Hey everyone!

I took a bit of a Thanksgiving/Birthday break from MP3-OF-THE-WEEK (OK you got me, I forgot to update this), but I have a fun treat for y'all now.

This is a live performance of a weird fun song I wrote called "Diagonal Crossing." It's about crossing the street diagonally (duh) and how you feel like a total bad ass doing it.

Here are the lyrics.

Never mind the traffic laws
I don't buy them at all
I'm on top and everything is pushing to get out

Diagonal crossing

People think that I'm insane

They're just way too tame

Spitting on the face of death with every single step

Diagonal crossing

Old lady waiting for the walk signal grimaces in the sun

Her diagonal days are over
But mine have just begun!

Up and down and left and right

Cross the street, hope to die

Agony to me is walking 90 degrees

Diagonal crossing!

I'm pretty happy with the dia-agony pun there.

This performance is from a live party I played in 2004. This was a damn fun show with a lot of short songs and energy and no mic.

Here it is!

Download it here!

Or preview it: