Friday, June 19, 2009

WEEK 16: Miss June (demo)

Summer songs (sort of) continues with the demo for my song Miss June!

I won't say what exactly it's about, but it's from the point of view of a 14 year old boy. Kind of based on someone I knew in Junior High.

This is an old demo, from 2004. I like how full the guitar sounds. Often on my demos the guitar sounds a bit thin. I also really like the accordion line that comes in on the last verse. Lyrics?

Hung up and stationed
I am awakened
I see your face and...

Oh, what would I do
Without Miss June

All of my friends and
Me think you're hot and
I've been rejected
Now I'm in Heaven

Oh, what would I do
Without Miss June

Oh what could I do
With Miss June.

You are so pretty
Now you surround me
You must have said "cheese"
I can see your teeth.


Or preview it:

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