Friday, February 26, 2010

WEEK 44: Marry Me (Live)

Hey! Sorry for the no update last week!

This week's song is from a live show I had a month ago! I explain the origin of the song to the audience in the MP3, so need to ramble over here! All you need to know is I handed out a list of songs, so that the audience can make request. That's what you hear at the very beginning of the MP3.

It's a happy loving marriage song. It also contains one of my only guitar solos. Enjoy!

Here are the lyrics, why not?

Here we are laughing at the same joke
Half an hour and it's time for the next show
For everyone who says that boring lives have no surprises, well
I've got one

Will you marry me so we can go to sleep?
Will you marry me so we can watch TV?
I've spent too much time by myself
doing things that never add to much
I'm one, you're two, and we'll be pooped together

For a time I didn't go out much
I met you and we don't go out much (but it's nice)
For every dollar bill I save by staying home for dinner
We get thinner


Counting down bringing in the new year
All around it's been a pretty good year
A simple resolution is easier to keep
And I'd like to keep you - keep you here

Download it by clicking hyaaaah!

- Jordan

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