Saturday, July 10, 2010

WEEK 58: Honest Guy (live)

Hey guys,

This week's MP3 is a live recording of a rare piano song, called "Honest Guy." It may be better if I don't ramble on about what it's about. Here are the lyrics:

The thing to know
Is I won't go
I've been mean
I've been obscene

I'd like to say
How I've done wrong
But you won't let
Me on your lawn

I've carried so
so much pain
I let it out
It looks insane

Well I've lived here
All my life
I've always been
an honest guy

I've never been
an honest guy
So of course I
was put on trial

The thing to know
Is I won't go
This is my home
This is my home.

I really like this song. I should make a nice recording of it one day. But until then, this is from a 2005 performance at the Sidewalk Cafe on Avenue A.

Preview it!

Or download it for your home or ipod!



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