Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WEEK 63: Crime Streets: Level 1: Crime In The Streets


I am honestly quite shocked that I haven't put this up yet as an MP3 of the Week.

A few years ago I started a fake soundtrack to an imaginary videogame I made up called "Crime Streets."

The game would be a Double Dragon-type beat-em-up. Nintendo. Or an arcade. Whatever. I've made a small handful of MP3s to cover the first few levels, the start menu, the Big Boss battle, etc. The concept is that as you listen to the music, it makes you REALLY want to play this game. Visualize it in your head. Smile.

Although it may sound quaint and funny, I am so incredibly proud of these pieces of music. They are some of my best arrangements and I've worked as hard on these as anything else I've done. I plan on putting a lot more Crime Streets score on this blog, so keep checking back!

Anyway, enough of the talking. Let's play some CRIME STREETS! Level 1: CRIME IN THE STREETS.

Download it here!



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