Thursday, December 16, 2010

WEEK 67: I Know How To Cry (live)

Hey lovebirds

This week's song is a real rarity. I've only played it live...twice? And like 5 years ago.

In early 2005, I had a subconscious sense that my girlfriend of 2 years was about to break up with me. I didn't even want to realize it, but it was coming out in all of the songs I was writing.

In February 2005 I debuted "I Know How To Cry", with her in the audience. A week later she dumped me. And right on Valentines Day too, isn't that nice? Here is a version from later that year, in December (keep listening to the MP3 to hear a joke at the end about the whole debacle.)

Technically this is a really complicated song, and I'm pretty damn proud of my vocal range and performance in this MP3. So hey!

The song is pretty clear. It's about being able to withstand so much pain because you've done it 100 times before. Unfortunately this song just keeps getting more and more relevant. Here are the lyrics. I think the line that tears me up the most is the last verse. Love is when you're smiling and for a brief second you're not thinking about WHY.

Where once you said you love me
Now you say "that's enough"
Where once we'd go to celebrate
Now we walk by and let out a cough

A million things were said that never meant not a thing

A lot has changed
But that's OK
If another one gets away
I'm fine this time
Cause I know how to cry
I know how to cry

There's a lot of real anxieties
Just hanging out by your side
And they may make you nervous
They may make you wonder why

A girl once through the haze of love would ever want to stay


Cry all night
And then again in the morning
In between yawning

For a long time I would smile
And I wouldn't even know why
For a long time you'd be smiling
and you wouldn't even know why

So long ago, so long ago
So long.

Hope you like it!

Download it by clicking here

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