Monday, June 17, 2013

WEEK 92: A Toast To Friends


I made this MP3 last weekend, once again as part of a score for a film submitted to the 48 Hour Film Festival. This was the end credits song. You can check out the entire multiple-award-winning film, "Platonic Parts", here:

For the end credits, they wanted an upbeat friendship song, with allusions to bread or toast. Well, voila. Here are the lyrics:

Friends till the end
Friends on the mend
I want you to be my friend
I want you to be my friend


Friends on a bed
Friends making bread
I want you to be my friend
I want you to be my friend


This song is basically a mix of The Smiths (the bassline and chorus guitars), Ween (the vocals), and...??? I used a new guitar fx pedal board for the guitar sounds and I think it's some of the best sounding guitars I've recorded. I also used a new drum program which I think worked perfectly for the song. 

Download the song by right-clicking here!

Or preview it here:



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