Sunday, September 20, 2009

WEEK 28: Phone Call (live)

Hey MP3 of the Weekers!

This week's mp3 is a crazy old song, recorded live at the Sidewalk Cafe open mic in the late late hours of the night, back in 2002. It must have been 1 AM, and I think there were 4 people there.

The song was basically about this girl I liked who said she'd call me back, but never did. Here are the lyrics:

What the hell do I do now?
I've had enough of this stuff

I can't try to figure you out
I'm not intact, you're abstract, it's

Not too fair that I'm in the air and I

Can't deny that you are unbearably great

Months go by and not a sound

Just think out loud, you're to proud

It's another singing clown

Fucked around, it's astound...ING

I can see you're not meant for me but if

You can show some decency I'll be

Free to believe that things can happen to me

What the hell do I do now?

I'm waiting for a phone call

Where the hell do I go now?

If I go I might miss the phone call
It's not a good thing that I'm not hearing that
Stupid phone ring and
It's amazing that
I can sleep so late
Wake up even later

To an alarm clock playing that song I hate her

What the hell do I do now?

I'm waiting for a window
To turn bright red
In my head...
It's simple.

Upon typing those lyrics I think the off phrasing throughout the song is kind of neat -- lines end with what should be the first word of the next verse. It's consistent through the whole song! That's cool. I don't remember planning that.

This is the only recorded live performance of this song, which I like a lot but is maybe more whiny and defeatist than usual, which may be hard to believe. Still I like the end, because I still don't know what it means. And I like the "it's another singing clown" line, because after being at an open mic where everyone is whining, that's really how it felt.

You'll hear singer songwriter Lach on this mp3, who hosted the open mic for many years. He, charmingly, liked to pop in on the song, with vocals, telephone ring sounds, and hand claps. His intense "OH MY GOD" after the performance definitely strokes my ego. It was fun stuff. Then he introduces my friend Dave Fox up to the mic. Weird.

Download it here!!!

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