Saturday, September 26, 2009

WEEK 29: In The Dumps (live)

Keeping the theme of songs-I've-only-played-live-once going, and keeping with the theme of life being horrible, here is an mp3 of a song I wrote called "In The Dumps."

This is definitely a rare one...I only played it once, and at this show (Sidewalk Cafe, 2005) only 4 of my friends showed up. Something you'll hear at this legendary show is that there was a big group of people talking really loud, right under the stage. They were destroying my self esteem for the first half of the set, and you can hear in my voice how blown away I was by people being so rude, most notably in the beginning of the mp3 :
"Next song is called 'In The Dumps'....yeah....GRRRRR"

I sound so exhausted and defeated because of those people. And the "GRRRR" was directed at them. Maybe next week I'll post the song I made up on the spot about them.

So anyway, this song is pretty simple and basically from the point of view of someone dumping someone. Like many of my songs, it's inspired by stomach sickness and nervousness. Here are the lyrics, which in my opinion are just...OK. The song is more about the rhythm and intensity in the music and singing, that's for sure.

Hey hey, I don't know what
They say, but I know that

You and I are out of luck

For once I'm not stupid

You must not believe it

I know how these things end up

In the dumps, out the door
Under carpets on the floor

Don't think we're growing we've stopped.
And I'm not going to pick you up.

Last time that we met up

Got sick, almost threw up

lied, said it was the food
I just get so nervous

Don't know how to do this

Don't know how to say we're through


Sorry sorry sorry I can't give advice

Sorry sorry sorry I can't paint it nice

Sorry sorry sorry I'm sorry sorry sorry tonight

Next time you'll do better

Meet someone who's nicer

You'll have oh so much to say

Tell me now you're happy

Tell me you were crazy
To be with someone like me



And I'm not going to pick you up from work.

That's a lot of "sorry"s in one song.

My relationship was doing OK when I wrote that song, but I think I was picking up on signals from my girlfriend and maybe wrote this song from her point of view. I wrote a lot of songs about her breaking up with me in the last few months of our relationship, yet if you were to ask me I would have honestly said we were doing great. Very subconscious, all of this stuff.


Or preview it:

Hope ya like it,


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