Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WEEK 41: Never, Ever

Hello mudda, hello fadda,

This week's mp3 is a fancy sounding demo for a song called "Never, Ever." I worked hard on this demo, especially the drums, which were sampled actual drums that I PIECE BY PIECE placed into the song BY HAND. It was insane and stupid but I was experimenting. Every little drum hit or hi hat hit or bass drum hit...all placed by hand as I desperately tried to keep the timing in line.

Upon listening to this now, I'm pretty happy with how this sounds. The guitar is really nice, the arrangement is interesting, with the acoustic guitar also doing a bass line...the harmonies are nice. Nice job, me.

Anyway, I'm not sure I want to say specifically what the song is about, but it's one of those epiphany type character studies I do enjoy ever so much. Also, I was trying to write a Morrissey type line for the end of the song. Here are the lyrics:

Things move so slow
They never go
In the window
She waves hello

Never, ever

The grass is cold
Between my toes
My big new home
My silk bathrobe

Never, ever, never, ever, never

Dirt in a hole
A boy grown old
The more I know
The worse it goes

Download it here!

Or preview it!


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