Friday, January 29, 2010

WEEK 42: Posters (Tear Them Down) (live)

Hey punkers,

This week's mp3 is from December 10th, 2002. It is a very rare (and the only) live performance of a song called "Posters (Tear Them Down)."

This song, along with several others, was written as a kind of fake "punk" song, when me and my friend Daniel were set to perform at a punk show and needed some tunes. Daniel described the songs we wrote as "songs for teenagers." Other songs written that week include TV Girl, I Want My CDs back, and Movie Set Girl. These will most likely pop up on this blog soon enough!

So this song was about wanting to tear down the posters in your wall as an obvious metaphor for hating yourself and wanting to change your identity. I actually really like this song. It's in another confusing subdivision of songs that aren't exactly sincere attempts at writing a song but still come out to my liking, magically turning into a real song in the process. Here are the lyrics:

I'm sick of being used to
all the posters in my room
but i'm just too lazy to take them down

All the posters on four walls
with their colors loud and all
sing me a sad song in stereo sound

I'll tear them down
Let the scotchtape rip off the wallpaper
Then put up some more
To cover up the scars

There goes the one with the cartoon face
Smiling at me, taking up space
Now I'm Glad it's in the trash bag, buried alive

There goes the picture from the magazine
Years ago it wad added to the scene
Now I can finally see what's on the other side


These posters from the past have been up for way too long
I'd rather not stare at the squares that desecrate my wall
I'd rather stare at nothing at all.

All these posters in my room
seems like they've been up for a century or two
Now I know exactly what I have to do


Download the song by clicking here!

Or preview it:

- Jordan

P.S. Picture stolen from some random guy's website. Nice room.
P.P.S. Yeah that's supposed to be a pun on Glad brand trash bags.

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