Sunday, March 28, 2010

WEEK 48: Sarah Epler


This week's MP3 was made...yesterday! A girl I've never met named Sarah Epler said she'd pay me a couple bucks to write a song about her.

Why the damn hell not?

So I did. I thought of the melody while I was driving 2 days ago and recorded the idea into my phone. I recorded the song the next day.

I really used it as an excuse to make my first ever recording with my new amp and my new drum program, making this MP3 very different sounding (in my opinion) than all my others. From now on the fake drums in my music will still be fake, but more real sounding.

EXCEPT!!! For the cymbal that I found in the GARBAGE, featured on this very mp3. In fact, I find it difficult to determine which is the real cymbal and which is the fake cymbal. Try and guess! GARBAGE CYMBAL!

Since I barely know her, I didn't try to pretend that I did, so the lyrics are (sort of) about how easily google-able she is, which hopefully this blog entry will help reinforce.


Sarah Epler
I've never met her
But you bet I'll never ever forget her

She's the internet
She's an online chat
She's a jpeg and a profile and an iphone app

Sarah Epler wrote me a letter
Sent her back a letter in reply to her letter

Sarah Epler
I can't help her
But I'm gonna do what I can

Sarah Epler
Gave me a dollar
That I plan on spending on Sarah Epler


Preview it AUGH!! :



Ash F said...

This tune is almost as fun as Sarah Epler. By which I mean, really fun.

Jordan said...

Thanks Ash!

I could only guess at how much fun this girl supposedly is.